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Compressed Air Systems
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Our specialty the Compressed Air Systems ...

Energy Management
Green Air Energy leads and 
brings to Greek market the
Special Technical Measurements.
Performing a combination of
measurements as Thermographic Survey, Vibration Measurement, Consumption and Benefit Measurement, Critical Point Measurement (such as Dew Point 
and Flow Rate), Measurement and Localization of Losses / Leakages, is able to give a study on Energy Saving and Improvement Actions
with guaranteed results.

One of the most important actions of Green Air Energy, in terms of saving energy is the Energy Audit, assessment process of actual energy consumption in an energy system, the factors affecting them, and the energy saving possibilities. Conducting an energy audit, is formed clear image on situation of the systems that make up the section of the compressed air, energy-efficient, and proposes specifically measures, the implementation 
of which will result in significant energy savings and correspondng financial benefit.
Products and Solutions
Green Air Energy selects the most Efficient Products especially for you ...
Processing Systems
In Green Air Energy import and offer Processing Systems (Line Filters, Dryers, Special Provisions, Automatic Valves Zero Loss) of BEKO Technologies GmbH of Germany.
Special Measuring Equipment

In Green Air Energy you can found Special Instruments & Sensors
for Compressed Air
Systems and the most Modern Supervisory Control Systems & Scada.

Latest News and Developments :
- Certifications : EUR.E.M. (EURopean Energy Manager) Certificate, Thermographer Level 1, AirBorne Ultrasound Audit Level 1
- Technical Authors - Power Ttansmission, part 200, August 2014, "Efficiency Increasing in Compressed Air Systems"
- Technical Seminars : "Compressed Air Technology and Energy Efficiency Projects"
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